MiCare Competence framework is already available



The competence framework aims to provide the core competences areas and the learning outcomes required by migrants’ caregivers in elderly home care. It comes with an EU learning design. The architecture and the formulation of this technical document are in line with the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) levels 2 and 3, ensuring strong compliance with European standards. At the same time, the framework is flexible enough to be adapted by each partner regarding country specific regulations.

The MiCare competence framework is the result of an exhaustive analysis based on the MiCare Benchmark report as well as desk research and various inputs from the field. The partners conducted interviews with caregivers and care recipients, and focus group discussions with experts in the field of VET, care, labour market and migration support in the partner countries.

This document will be translated into national languages. It is the main reference document for the rest of the project.

MiCare Self-assessment tool: work in progress

MiCare project intends to develop a tool to evaluate the initial skills and knowledge of migrants as caregivers in elderly home care, in order to identify their missing skills and learning needs. It will be based on the competence framework and later adapted to national context and national languages. This digital platform will be highly interactive, and accessible both on computer and mobile devices.

At a later stage it will be tested by 80 participants in four countries: Finland, France, Italy, and Spain.  The first version of the tool is expected to be completed in March 2022.

MiCare Training toolkit: just starting…

The MiCare training toolkit will be designed to provide blended learning modules both for trainers and trainees with a special focus on cultural aspects, communication, and relational skills as defined in the Competence Framework.  Moreover, a short-term joint training is expected in June 2022 to familiarize trainers with the tools and pedagogy.

The training toolkit for trainees will be tested by 80 caregivers in France, Spain, Italy, Finland. The final version of the document containing the national reports is expected to be completed in 2022.

Consortium meeting n°3 – October 2021


Meet de partners!

Due to the Covid pandemic, the 3rd consortium meeting of the MiCare project was organized online on October 7th and 8th