The project milestones

The Micare project is reaching to the final phase, but don’t worry! We create this section to gather the most remarkable moments. If you want to learn more about the project milestones, here is a brief note.

The MiCare project was launched in 2020 with the aim of support professional and social integration of women migrant in the Personal and Household Services (PHS) sector. To do so, partners started working in different tool through the project lifespan. The first analysis was published in 2021, good news! The conclusions of the study confirmed the project premise: the importance of guidance and training focused on cultural-related aspects, soft skills, and job-oriented skills.

In 2022, the consortium met for first time first in Paris after several online meetings due to the epidemic of Covid 19. The same year, partners also had the opportunity to participate in a training of trainers in Malaga with the aim to exchange good practices and prepared the pilot phases.

Finally, in 2023, partners worked in collaboration with local actor to deploy the training program in each country. The local actors played a key role in the support of the experimentation, many thanks to all participant organizations!

After testing the tools of the project in real conditions, partners adapted the tools to better suited the need of the target group. A guideline will be available to support the implementation and adoption of this tools in other context/countries.


Local organization participating in the pilot phase


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Newsletter n°3 – September 2022

MiCare project: Supporting migrants’ professional and social integration as carers. 4th consortium meeting in ParisThe 4th transnational meeting of the project was held on Paris in the 5th and 6th of May 2022. The discussion of the meeting focused on the next...

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Newsletter n°2 – December 2021

MiCare Competence framework is already available The competence framework aims to provide the core competences areas and the learning outcomes required by migrants’ caregivers in elderly home care. It comes with an EU learning design. The architecture and the...

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Newsletter 1 – July 2021

MiCare Benchmarking report is already available The MiCare Benchmarking report aims to deliver a comparative description of the existing opportunities to support integration and training for migrant home caregivers in Austria, Finland, France, Italy, and Spain,...

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